Mobile Marketing Ratings and Reviews

"Mobile Marketing Ratings - Fall 2011 Edition"

Mobile Marketing is the rapidly growing field of marketing on mobile devices, primarily cellular phones. Mobile marketing includes text messaging, short codes, mobile applications, mobile advertising, and more. As this is a new, rapidly evolving marketing space, most companies, from small businesses on up to Fortune 500 companies, hire a mobile marketing firm to assist them with their campaigns.

We originally created this list in 2009; the mobile marketing industry has grown dramatically since then. It's time to update the rankings for Fall 2011!

We Review The Best Mobile Marketing Firms And Rate Them In Our Top Ten

Choosing a mobile marketing firm shouldn't be difficult! That's why we have put together this ranked list of the top ten most popular mobile marketing firms in the business. We've included a brief word from their own web sites, followed by our concise review on the firm.

Confused About SMS Marketing? Wikipedia's got the details:

SMS Marketing is a relatively new type of mobile marketing that uses SMS (short message service) text messaging as a medium of direct advertising, often to a firms existing customers. An SMS Marketing campaign involves collecting mobile phone numbers usually by customer opt-ins using a keyword sent to a short code, which adds their number to a messaging platform database. Once numbers are collected, the marketer can then prepare a special promotion or update and send a mass message to potential repeat customers.

SMS Marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing types of marketing because if offers low cost, high return on investment, and places promotions and updates in the pockets of potential customers. It is similar to email in cost, but offers much higher response rates as most mobile phone users open and view text messages

You can also learn more about SMS Marketing from the folks at

On To The List!


The Top Ten Mobile Marketing Firms

SMS Marketing by Ez Texting

They Say: "Ez Texting’s SMS marketing platform is as powerful as it is easy to use. Launching an SMS marketing campaign should not be difficult. While marketing pros will enjoy the extensive feature set that our text messaging services offers, our intuititve web-based software is a breeze for anyone to use. Whether you want to promote your business, run text-2-join campaigns, polls and contests, or get in touch with all of your contacts at once, our Group Text Messaging service allows you to do so quickly and easily. Ez Texting is refreshingly simple. Ez Texting is surprisingly affordable."

We Say: Ez Texting offers instant signup, which comes with a limited free demo. They are one of the few firms that are very up front about their pricing. Perhaps that is because they offer the lowest rates we found for all but the largest messaging plans (think hundreds of thousands of messages per month).



Mass Texting by Club Texting

They Say: "Club Texting allows your business to build text message marketing campaigns with our affordable, easy to use SMS
text messaging software. Import contacts & use mobile keywords. Type your mass text message. Reach 100 or 100,000 people in seconds."

We Say: Club Texting offers instant signup, much like our number one ranked firm. Club Texting is flexible to customer needs, offering pay as you go plans as well as monthly plans, which offer discounts from their already competitive pricing.


GoLive! Mobile

They Say: "Golive! Mobile provides businesses with technology solutions for the mobile marketing, mobile billing ("Premium SMS"), mobile web, and mobile content delivery markets. A clientele of large and small businesses use our unmatched set of tools to launch direct-to-consumer and B2B mobile applications instantly. Our flagship product, Concierge, enables clients to deploy extraordinary text, multimedia, and voice-calling applications in minutes across multiple carrier networks using graphical templates. Whether it's SMS marketing, business messaging, a premium SMS billing project, or WAP site enhancement, Concierge is a one-stop shop for your mobile needs."

We Say: GoLive! Mobile’s web site offers a long list of mobile products, though pricing is nowhere to be found. They've definitely improved their website since we last visited (removing an annoying chat popup). They've shifted their focus to offer a wide range of marketing services. If you're looking for SEO consulting to mobile marketing and everything in between give GoLive! Mobile a look.


TellMyCell - The Mobile Marketing Company

They Say: "TellMyCell is an easy to use, incredibly affordable
way to market to your customers with text messages.

Upload contacts. Type your text message. Send!"

We Say: It's been a year since we added TellMyCell to the list and they haven't strayed from what they initially showed us - a good, slick platform, competitive pricing, and a comprehensive guided tour.


The Group Texting Company

They Say: "GroupTexting makes SMS mass text messaging more affordable than ever with free incoming text messages.  GroupTexting allows your business to send SMS messages to promote contests, share coupons, take polls and more.  Our web-based texting service offers the power of mass texting along with the freedom of long codes.  Long codes, also known as virtual mobile numbers (VMN), are special long phone numbers that can send and receive text messages.  Group Texting gives you the power of SMS (short messaging services) without the hassle of short code approvals.  Getting your own short code takes many months and costs thousands of dollars – and that’s just to get started. Long codes cut through the restrictive red tape associated with purchasing your own short code.  Setting up a long code campaign is fast and free."

We Say: The Group Texting Company is new to our list as they recently launched. Unlike the other firms on this list they leverage long codes - which cut out carrier and aggregator fees, along with the lengthy short code setup process. If you're looking for competitive rates and a fast to implement solution you can't go wrong with The Group Texting Company.



They Say: "You don’t need a degree in rocket science to master mobile marketing. Start email and SMS marketing and make campaigning and tracking simple and affordable."

We Say: mobileStorm is a powerful communications platform. While they offer mobile marketing services, those features are really just a subset of a larger package. Pricing is a bit opaque, but once you schedule a demo with their sales team you'll get all the details you need.



They Say: "The mobile CRM leader, Cellit powers leading brands, retailers, restaurants, publishers, broadcasters and more. For over six years, Cellit has been helping thousands of clients large and small manage their text message marketing campaigns and deliver end-to-end mobile couponing initiatives. With best-of-class technology, strategic thought leadership and customer support, it is no wonder why the world's leading brands turn to Cellit for their mobile marketing solutions. "

We Say: CellIt offers a slick platform, available in SMB, Real Estate & Enterprise Editions. This is needlessly confusing, but that's a problem for their marketing department. For you? This is solid software.



They Say: "Msgme is an open, easy-to-implement, comprehensive messaging solution trusted by leading enterprises, agencies and brands."

We Say: Msgme offers a powerful enterprise level mobile marketing platform. Pricing used to be steep, but we cannot find any pricing in sight as of our update .Msgme is not suitable for small businesses.



They Say: "Whether you want to send coupons, a simple text message response, or connect to an elaborate SMS application or API, with Mobivity you'll be connected instantly!"

We Say: Mobivity allows you to demo their software and set up your account instantly, both pluses. Unfortunately their prices are extremely uncompetitive, starting at more than 15 cents per message. They've also been promising a 2.0 version of their platform since our initial ranking. Two years is a long time to wait.



They Say: "Mozes
is the leader in mobile engagement around music, sports, entertainment and causes

We Say: Mozes has a slick web site, and their service is popular with up-and-coming bands. Mozes used to be a free service, and as such advertisements were inserted into all of your messages. They've transformed themselves into a paid solution - but their pricing page is rather confusing. Your options seem to be $810/year or $900/month. Yes you read that correctly.


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Someone forgot about


Since 2010 I'm using and I'm satisfied of SMS services quality.
They do specialize in bulk sms services mainly on european destinations.
HQSMS is very "friendly" B2B company, they offer:
- prepaid payment solutions without open-ended validity,
- high througput,
- all SMS messages type delivery,
- no monthly fees, no hidden costs.

I strongly recommend them.


I use a piece of Mobile Marketing sotware called mFUSION (, it works first time and gives me the best in rates for my SMS Marketing services.

There is a new text to screen

There is a new text to screen service located in the Southeast United States, check it out.

Awesome Posting, I learned something! Which is rare.

Great Post, I learned something! Which is rare.

Where is RainedOut?

Our state soccer association tried several text/email services (3 on this list) and not one of them compare to! They employ the fastest service by far (text messages go out instantly), and we've never had any issues. Setup took less than 30 minutes, and did I mention how the service is FREE!

Perhaps this list should be updated????

A very LOYAL and supportive user of RainedOut!

John C.

ConnectMedia Ventures - Missing

ConnectMedia is a Mobile Marketing Firm based in Chicago that has a complete range of marketing solutions for mobile devices, such as 2-D barcodes, custom application development, sponsorsip of mobile communication, text marketing and image recognition capabilities. Also, they are able to develop and implement mobile websites for dedicated advertising campaigns, such as tradeshows, as well as an easier to view and user-friendly mobile version of your current website for cellular phones and devices.

iWall: SMS Text-to-Screen and mobile marketing software

For all of you looking for an affordable text to screen and mobile marketing solution, take a look at iWall SMS Text-to-Screen (

It is an integrated software package supporting:

* Live SMS Text-to-Screen chat
* Bulk SMS mobile marketing using opt-in groups
* SMS Polls and prize draws
* Message moderation
* Filtering inappropriate language
* Private anonymous messaging
* Multimedia integration
* Customizable projection screens

I hope to see it included in reviews :)


FireText Text Message Entertainment

FireText's Entertainment Software allows you to Entertain your customers while capturing their phone numbers.

Text message to TV Screen
Text to Win
Private Flirt Messaging
Bulk Outgoing Texting
Text Song Request
Text Birthday Shoutout
Text RSVP Guestlist
Text Trivia
Text Info Request
Text Voting

All the above capture phone numbers and place it into a database for you, then you can use the built in Bulk Texting feature to send free Text Messages.

unlimited texting

We tried one of those "unlimited texting" services that you have to download to your computer, and after 5 hours of trying to set everything up, nothing even worked. What a waste of time and money. anyways, we did another search and wound up trying out ez text. it's not unlimited but still pretty cheap so that will do!

has anyone tried twitter?

I can't seem to find anyone who has done this succesfully for business purposes...anyone care to share?

God bless!

re: firetext

we tried that but their mass texting solution sucked. tried club texting and it works pretty good.


Ever tried Text-2-Screen? Check out!!

it really is "ez"

Our sister club suggested we try out EZ Texting and we've been really happy. i haven't looked at the other companies in this list but if their descriptions sound complicated, I can't even imagine using their softare. ez texting keeps it super simple...which is very important bc I don't have a lot of time to devote to this program.. I just program my texts to go out and go on with my day. the system takes care of everything for me.

fire 1 out?

That is the strangest name i've ever heard. i don't understand the hype around texting ...

Church found Club Texting

We have a small ministry in Mississippi and needed to send just a few hundred texts a month...we actually looked at many of the companies on this list and ended up going with Club TExting. Their pay-as-you-go plan is really convenience for us and one day we hope to upgrade to a bigger plan so we can get even better pricing. ps their support team is really fast and efficient.

Tried Cellit for real estate

We checked out CellIt and they have a good real estate solution, but that's about it. The price per text was insane...around 20 cents a piece. Not useful for anyone wanting to do text blasts to a big list...oh well!